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  • Canatu Introduces Super Thin Flexible Transparent Conductive Film

    Canatu, a leading manufacturer of zero reflectance and flexible transparent conductive films and touch sensors, has added a new super-thin 23 µm film to its CNB (Carbon NanoBud) transparent conductive film offering targeted at super-thin devices and flexible applications. The product is the thinnest transparent conductive film on the market. The optical performance of the CNB […]

  • World’s First Multitouch, Button-Free 3D Shaped Panel for Automotive

    Canatu, a leading manufacturer of transparent conductive films, has in partnership with Schuster Group and Display Solution AG, showcased a pioneering 3D encapsulated touch sensor for the automotive industry. The partnership is delivering the first ever, button-free 3D shaped true multi-touch panel for automotives, being the first to bring much anticipated touch applications to dashboards […]


Canatu | Touch the future

Canatu is a leading manufacturer of transparent conductive films for an entirely new class of touch applications.

Canatu’s CNB™ films are based on a new type of carbon nanomaterial (Carbon NanoBud®), and a new Roll-to-Roll manufacturing process (Direct Dry Printing®), which combines the synthesis of the Carbon NanoBuds directly from carbon gases and direct deposition to the substrate in one single process. Canatu offers its customers in consumer electronics and automotive industry next level of design freedom with its innovative technologies.